To individually approach the patient, a thorough clinical and specific tests are required. Screening tests(Oral HPV) make the dentist a gate keeper of the patient’s health. Diagnostic tests(Intolerance,Genetics – High Risk Patients, Periodontal Bacterial Test) increase safety and better outcome in the daily praxis.

Collection Instructions for Oral HPV


Test procedure:
The person’s who undergoes the test name and the date of birth (DOB) are recorded on the barcode label and affixed to the collection tube.
The Saliva should be collected prior to any cleaning, polishing, rinsing, or other disturbance of the oral environment.
Person who undergoes the test vigorously swish the entire ampule of saline around the entire mouth, and gargle deeply as well, in order to collect DNA from the back of the throat for 30 seconds.
The person who undergoes the test expectorates into the specimen collection tube. Tight the cap screw onto the collection tube, and place it into the transportation tube.
Put the transportation tube into the plastic specimen transport bag.
Fill the test order information.
The saliva specimen and the order information are shipped from the dental office via the pre-prepaid BIOATRANS clinical package to Bioiatriki SA Molecular Genetics Lab, headquartered in Athens Greece.

The transportation kit consists of:
1. A sterile saline ampule,
2. A Collection tube with screw cap,
3. A Transportation tube with screw cap,
4. Two barcode labels (one for person who undergoes the test chart)
5. A plastic specimen bag, pre-paid BIOTRANS clinical package