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Metal free materials suitable for many applications in the daily praxis exist, either for fixed or removable use. For fixed applications, these materials are very dense, non allergenic, non toxic, easy to repair also in the mouth and can be a reliable and cheaper to ceramics solution.

For removable use, various solutions exist that are much more tolerable for the patient, who suffers no more from the corrosion and galvanism results and the metal taste in the mouth.

Suitable for many applications in the daily praxis

Same chemical name with different pressure and temperature lead to totally different product.



Chemoplastic materials

Thermoplastic materials

They consist of carbon-chains, or highly developed co-polymers. Neither of them has any effect on environment or the human body since they are chemically neutral. They are molded without any type of chemical addition, only by high pressure and temperature. The plastic is either offered with the form of prefabricated discs suitable for CAD CAM or is standardized and portioned in cartridges. In this form it can be pressed under high pressure and temperature into a mold, thus making any desirable prosthetic work with respect to materials properties and indications.

DentalPlus plastics

  • Polyan Plus: High performance – PMMA
  • Dentalos Plus: High performance – PMMA
  • Flexistrong Plus: High performance polymer PVDF group
  • Polyflex Plus: High performance polymer PP/PE group
  • Peek: High performance polymer
  • Flexiplast Plus: High performance polymer Nylon group