Every human body responds differently to the materials it comes in contact with. There is always a possibility that some of the products used daily, might appear an allergic reaction or even intolerance. In order to avoid such circumstances that would affect the health of our patient or even the dental stuffs, it would be helpful to prevent such undesirable situations instead of trying to treat then after they occur.

Today it is possible to test any material that is to come in contact with our patient. What is needed is a blood sample and the material to be used. First all the patient’s immune system is tested, which can fluctuate depending on his/her general health (thyroid, diabetes, etc.) At the same time the overall health is checked in case it’s structured in a way that unusual inflammation occurs to any material that triggers it. This is the data base for the human body that we have as a fact. With this data base in hand, we will be able to test any material of product to see how it reacts to our patient’s body, based on facts and not statistics.

This method provides security and at the same time increases the trust that the patient feels towards the clinician. We show our genuine interest with facts, we respect their body and it’s needs and we try to help them before they go through any distress. Not to forget, the patient sees a clinician updated scientifically and their trust towards us increases.