About Us

Identality is a newly introduced company to the field of dentistry made by doctors with vast experience.
It focuses to individual approach of patients and treatment according to their own needs, with a variety of carefully selected tests and products. It aims to dentistry free of metals, with products that are friendly to the body.

Our Vision

The company’s primary interest is the human being. It’s path goes with respect to unify the puzzle that brings harmony to the body and soul.

For this purpose our focus is on the individual approach of each and every one. For this goal to be achieved, the company invests on development. Deep knowledge and constant research from experts of different fields is the company’s backbone.

Tests that reveal the complexity and the individuality of a person, metal free materials that are unharmful, innovative technology, all must be found and launched after years of thorough clinical testing.

Medical systems are created in which this vision is expressed with minimum patient discomfort and maximum efficiency and speed.

Our Purpose

  • Safety – Innovation – Simplicity (SIS)
  • Team of experts
  • Clinical studies
  • Training – Seminars – Workshops
  • Changing dental history

Our Mission

We believe

  • in clinicians that share genuine interest in the patient’s well-being by following innovation and by keeping a high scientific profile.
  • Technicians that walk into the future of dentistry.
  • Universities that will implement and teach a new philosophy and approach in dental care.
  • Partners that will spread the news of change in the dental world.

Clinical Support

Identality offers its unique program for clinical support. Experienced and certified members of our team come to you in order to support your first steps. Please contact us for more information.